Value creation

L’Oréal firmly believes financial performance is inextricably tied to social and environmental performance. The goal is to sustainably create value and share that value with the Group’s entire ecosystem.

What are L’Oréal’s key drivers to create value and how did they come into play in 2021? Alexandra Palt, Chief Corporate Sustainability Officer and L'Oréal Foundation, and Christophe Babule, Chief Financial Officer, explain the momentum behind L’Oréal’s responsible growth.

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L’Oréal sees value creation as a combination of financial performance and environmental and social performance, a guiding principle that drives our actions on a daily basis. In 2021, the L’Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration made its first investment. This is a perfect example of sustainable finance: combining the creation of financial value with the creation of environmental and social value.